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We print your ID cards for you!

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positivID Bureau Services

Exceptional Value!

Outsourcing your ID card production requirements to the positivID Card Printing bureau is the most economical way to produce ID cards. 

Our one-off, initial set up fee is just £10.00, and our minimum order is for just 10 cards!   With prices from £2.00 for a full colour, custom designed, professional PVC ID card we offer exceptional value!  Call now for more information on 02392 450677 or email

Alternatively, if you only require the occasional one or two cards, why not use our online card ordering facility?

Bureau Status (Click Here for more details):
No Reported Problems!

positivID Identity Systems supports Project Genesius, the Metropolitan Police initiative to prevent the illegal use of printing equipment.  Equipment will only be supplied for legitimate applications and data may be shared with Law Enforcement.  For more information about Project Gensius, please follow this link:


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